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Testimonials - Success Story #1 - JEFF




I am a practicing attorney in Fayetteville, GA. I first met LaDarren Tyler 4 years ago. My wife, Sue, initiated weight training with him because her family has a history of osteoporosis and she wanted a fitness trainer to teach her the correct way to lift weights. After a few sessions, she asked me to join her so we could train together. I have gained strength and flexibility through the training and I've also made new friends who share my goals regarding fitness as a lifestyle.





Good health and fitness are priorities in my life. About 4 years ago, I joined a Fitness Center, engaged a personal trainer, LaDarren Tyler, and began the journey to improved health and fitness. Over the last 4 years I have learned that this particular journey never ends and I am happy to say it is now an integral part of my lifestyle. I work in a high stress environment and my fitness program enables me to manage the stress levels and keep a positive and healthy outlook, not to mention the other fantastic benefit of looking younger than I am!! I am looking forward to retiremnet and being able to divide my time between my fitness program and improving my golf game.

I feel like a success story today from where I was 4 years ago and attribute much of that success to my personal trainer, LaDarren Tyler.



Meg started with LaDarren Tyler 2 years ago in Jan. when her weight was at an all time high.

Meg is very competitive and sports never slowed her down. However we were worried about her health, and I, (mom) was constantly on her about her health. This put a heavy strain on our relationship. I was only trying to get her to realize the dangerous effect of being overweight was to her. Finally Meg lashed out in anger that I was always watching over her and telling her what was good to eat and not. My heart was broken and I didn’t know what else to do except to pray. I told God that I give up trying to do this on my own and that this was in his hands to please help.

The next morning Meg told me she wanted to start working out, I thought maybe she meant Jazzercise (nothing wrong with Jazzercise) but instead she wanted to start lifting weights. This was strange territory for me. I started praying for God to lead us to the right trainer for Meg, and as always His timing was perfect. I called LaDarren the next day and told him the situation and would he be willing to help and not to look at her as another client.

Meg started that week; I must say that I saw such a drive in this kid that I was beside myself. LaDarren pushed her, encourage her, praised her and you would have thought that Meg was his only client because of the undivided attention he gave her. Meg’s weight came off at a very steady pace. Here’s the kicker: for 1 year this child NEVER cheated on her food menu that Ladarren made out for her. She’s incredibly discipline and is equally competitive.

Their was a lady who worked out at the same time as Meg and one particular day she came up to Meg and asked her if she had a sister, Meg told her no, and she even asked her if she had a twin and again Meg told her no. This lady starred at Meg for a few seconds, her eyes got huge and said, you’re that girl! I can’t tell you what a rush that was for Meg and for myself. People would encourage her, cheer her on, it truly was unbelievable. There were people in Fayette Co. who had not seen Meg in a year and the buzz was everywhere about her transformation. We would be in a store and people’s mouth would drop when they realized it was Meg.

Meg has lost 65lbs and is strong as an ox. She tells LaDarren that he’s her personal trainer for life. My husband and I say that every dollar we’ve spent for her training was extremely worth it and would do it all over again.

LaDarren is not only Meg’s trainer but also he and his family are friends.